Know The 7 Step Process for cleaning and sealing

natural stone floors

Art of Clean uses the most advanced systems on the market today. It is a self-contained rotary washer, driven by water. It pressure-washer the surface and immediately recovers the soil and water at the same time. Once attached to the high-pressure line from a truck-mount and then the vacuum hose, it is ready to clean.


Step 1: Inspection of the floor: this is to identify any limitations like stain removal, loss of loose grout surrounding surfaces sensitive to cleaning solutions and any other areas that need consideration before the cleaning starts.

Step 2: When appropriate we mask the base of units using low tack adhesive tape, to protect from the possibility of overspray on to the units while cleaning at high pressure.

Step 3: We vacuum the floor including every nook and cranny to remove any dry soiling prior to cleaning.

Step 4: We apply a specialist pre-spray to the surface of the stone and any grout lines. The specialist spray is dwelled to emulsify the surface soils.

Step 5:  The surface of the floor is then scrubbed with a special brush, to release the emulsified soils from the floor

Step 6: The slurry left behind by the scrubbing process is extracted by vacuum into a waste tank outside the property and the floor is cleaned with our specialist cleaning equipment at pressures of up to 1200psi.

Step 7: After the floor has been thoroughly dried and inspected, we apply the appropriate sealer to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the stone.

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