Porcelain tile, Victorian tile & Ceramic Tile Cleaning

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Porcelain Tile Cleaning

Porcelain tile is a very hard material that is particularly resistant to chemical agents, scratches, freezing and the absorption of water.


Although many tilers will advise that no  sealer/impregnators are required on these types of tile, we know you definitely need them protected. A simple example is a permanent marker which will leave a permanent mark on a polished porcelain tile.

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Victorian Tile Cleaning

Geometric Victorian tiles were originally used to ornament medieval churches and monasteries. Victorian tiles can add a distinctive touch of class to feature areas in modern properties and as well as providing elegance, they are also hardwearing and practical.

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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

The ceramic tile is a clay fired material. Glazed ceramic tiles do not normally require any protective treatment. The glaze on the tile gives it excellent protection and resistance to the absorption of dirt. However, we strongly advise you to have your grout lines sealed on floors and walls where ceramic tiles are used.

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