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Terracotta, Quarry Tile and Brick Cleaning

Terracotta Cleaning

One of the oldest ceramic materials made by man. This type of tile is created by mixing clay and water, leaving it to dry naturally and finally baking it in a kiln. The colours after firing can vary widely, but most common clays contain enough iron to cause an orange, orange red, or brownish orange colour, with this range including various colours described as “terracotta”. Other colours include yellow, grey, and pink.

terracotta cleaning and sealing in Cambr
Quarry Tile Cleaning

Quarry Tiles are an unglazed ceramic material. They are particularity well suited for exterior paving due to their low absorption and resistance to freezing (the high baking temperatures and high quality of clay used in manufacturing, along with other raw materials make this type of floor one of the most durable on the market today) There are different products and processes for these materials according to whether they are laid indoors or out.

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Brick Cleaning

The cleaning system we use at Art of Clean is very successful in ‘bringing back to life’ the beauty of the original brick.

brick cleaning cambridge Art of
Art of Clean Cambridge
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